Performance problem

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Re: Performance problem

Post by u9_ »

Here's my performance without sync on xp running on a core2 quad, nvidia 8600gts
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Re: Performance problem

Post by Borsty »

Hmm, seems like this thread turns into a performance comparison xD

Well, I did a test too.
Core 2 Duo @ 3.6GHz, 8800GTX and 6gb of ram
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Re: Performance problem

Post by TsT »

I need help to improve this benchmark program.

I have found a way for linux system to read the /proc/cpuinfo /proc/... and execute some commands like "lspci" ... to print the most usefull informations possible about the platform checked.
This solution is based on the lua io.popen().

Somebody known how get this kind of information under windows ?

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Re: Performance problem

Post by aes »

What happens is that OpenGL is emulated over X. (So it's no wonder performance sucks.) You need to look for an X backend for your hardware that does GL.

It's a classic gotcha. The perftest is still a good idea though.
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Re: Performance problem

Post by mastastealth »

If I remember correctly, (and if I'm understanding right), if you use your Eee PC with the default Xandros-based OS you have either little to no graphic acceleration, due to the drivers shipped in it. If you were to install another lightweight OS on your Eee, that would fix the problem. Or perhaps someone has compiled proper graphic drivers as a package too?
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