How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

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How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by rude »

How and/or where did you first hear about LÖVE?

I used to find it amazing that people found this place. Still do.

EDIT: Whoops, something weird happened to the post. (Same text twice).
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by emonk »

A week or so back I had never heard of LÖVE. I was browsing through categories on SourceForge looking for something completely different, saw the listing for LÖVE and came to see what it was about.

You guys gave me a reason to learn Lua. I may never love Lua, but at least now I know a bit more about it.
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by mike »

I was (and still am) one of the developers. I should know about it.
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by qubodup »

I think I browsed for "new files" in the game/entertainment section and there you were!
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by nightvenom »

My friend was browsing source forge for something new to do, and he found a "Cool Looking 2d game engine"

so he gave me the link, i downloaded it, and now im reading up and trying things out with it.

I even play that Kitty Lazer demo sometimes, stress re-leaving.
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by Sardtok »

I found out about it back when you(rude) sent me a beta, ages ago, when Löve was completely different.
I can't even remember when that was, but yes, ages, definitely.
Then suddenly you were like, "zOMG, I'm going to have to commit suicide for telling you this, but... We made a forum for Löve!"
I guess that's pretty much it.
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by cag »

I was making my own lua-based 2d game scripting engine with stuff on it when I took a break and found LOVE.
... though, it doesn't do exactly what I want it to do. Well, that's a different story. I could start making games on LOVE... hmm...
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by Spykodemon »

Someone decided to post it on

It looked really awesome and Worthwhile so I gave it a shot. ;)
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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by Merkoth »

So many different stories.

I found it at I usually don't give a damn about 0.1.0 releases, but calling it Legendary Orthogonal Virtual Environment was too much for me so I had to give it a try.

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Re: How Did You Find (true) LÖVE?

Post by Jake »

This page right here. Four weeks ago :)
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