What code editor do you use ?

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Re: What code editor do you use ?

Post by milon »

Another Geany user here. I love all things light-weight and straightforward, like Love!
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Re: What code editor do you use ?

Post by darkfrei »

ZeroBrain Studio, very nice after setup all shortcuts like in the Notepad++.
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Re: What code editor do you use ?

Post by applebappu »

I actually like to use Vim at home, because I'm crazy and hate myself :p

But if I'm coding for work, I usually use Visual Studio Code. It's just pretty robust and has a decent enough workflow.
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Re: What code editor do you use ?

Post by ddabrahim »

An other ZeroBrane Studio user here. Dedicated Lua IDE with a debugger, console and full support for LOVE out of the box. As a complete beginner I value such easy and complete solution. However I begin to notice performance issues and occasional crashes on macOS when you have lots of code and multiple tabs open. Maybe it is more stable on Windows and Linux.

Before ZeroBrane I've been using Atom + love-ide package, the only setup needed is to tell the package after install where is the LOVE executable on my computer and after that you can run your project directly from Atom which I also valued as a beginner. However it does not offer full support for Lua and LOVE, many of the commands missing and no debugger and console but it is an easy, light-weight solution that I would have sticked with if ZeroBrane wasn't there.
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Re: What code editor do you use ?

Post by ThatCodingGuy78 »

I use VIsual Studio Code with a ton of Lua/LOVE extensions
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