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Post by nevon »

This is my very first game using Löve. What started out as a simple Pong clone soon turned into a soccer-like game when I realized that Pong paddles look very much like soccer players - just without any heads.

The game currently features both a single- and multiplayer mode, some pretty decent sound effects, a somewhat reliable collision testing system, and what I am sure is a plethora of bugs. Still, I'm pretty pleased with it - especially considering that it's my very first game ever.

Download link: here

I want to thank all the extremely helpful people on #loveclub. Without their help I would definitely not have finished the game this quickly. So thank you!


The game is written using Löve 0.6.0, so if you're running the 0.5 branch, you won't be able to run the game.
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Re: Söccer

Post by Angrycrow »

I feel like I should move up to 0.6.0

How did you set that up?
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Re: Söccer

Post by Robin »

Angrycrow wrote:I feel like I should move up to 0.6.0

How did you set that up?
http://love2d.org/builds/ has builds for every platform, updated irregularly.
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