onepath (Yet another GMTK2019 submission)

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onepath (Yet another GMTK2019 submission)

Post by nameless tee » Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:31 pm

Here is yet another GMTK2019 thing made by a fairly inexperienced team of two.

It's a puzzle game about reaching multiple points using just one path. The player controls the white circle using the arrow keys. When the player presses space, a clone is created at the current position. The clone will repeat all movements of the player starting with the very first move. A level is solved when all pink circles are filled.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Clone
  • R: Reset
  • Backspace: Undo
  • Return: Enter next level (when solved)
We're a bit starved for feedback right now, because we haven't received any (at all) so far, so we'd be happy to hear your thoughts.
Especially negative feedback might be useful because there is probably a reason our game got kind of buried on Itch.

The game on
Submission page:

Edit: "Itch" not "Twitch" :D
Edit 2: My teammate somehow managed to draw in a bunch of players, so instead of starving we're merely a bit hungry for feedback now :)
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