Sharing the Löve! Enjoy!

Show off your games, demos and other (playable) creations.
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Sharing the Löve! Enjoy!

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Hello, all!

I was put off by LÖVE for quite a while, (from 0.2.1 until today actually) and I realized I had some things I should share.. The first is a (slightly) updated version of the charas/walkdemo that somehow never became a tutorial. The other is tentatively "Operation Hamster" and (so far) features a tank (that can drive around and shoot) and multiple separate tilemap layers. Continue, cannibalize, ridicule or ignore, whatever you like.

I might be back later, the physics thing looks promising. (even though it's a bit wonky.)

(138.66 KiB) Downloaded 393 times
(92.4 KiB) Downloaded 364 times
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Re: Sharing the Löve! Enjoy!

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Hehe, Operation Hamster looks promising. ^-^
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