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Re: release: k3

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farvardin wrote:very well done.

We could enjoy a version with some more positive things than killing people (even if little boys seems to like this kind of stuffs
Killing people is fun, at least for me and I'm not afraid to admit. I enjoy violence. Blood and suffering in character's moves is what made me like counterstrike more than other games.

Please continue with killing.
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Re: release: k3

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Heh, I had forgotten how much fun and time waster such small games can be. :) Nice game
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Re: release: k3

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Ok, I just found out that the game stops at 100 kills :)
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Re: release: k3

Post by Robin »

Although it seems like the author is gone: could I add a link to this game so my project (working title: Löve me) can download it?
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