Dynadun [Platform-roguelike Prototype]

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Re: Dynadun [Platform-roguelike Prototype]

Post by Lafolie » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:27 pm

All this work for PRNGs. As fun as it may be, getting these things to work and such, for the sake of this game, just use save files of the maps. It solves a lot of issues that have been brought up here and saves you a ton of time. Serialising your own table format is far easier than all the PRNG stuff.

That said, nice research guys, all very interesting. Perhaps it deserves its own thread? :)
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Re: Dynadun [Platform-roguelike Prototype]

Post by dandruff » Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:31 am

Well, it's as I thought then... Inny, thanks for the random function, will try it out as soon as I have time!

Lafolie, I think that sharing files is to much hassle for many players. The seed function in games like Minecraft is, imo, the best way to share maps. No network needed, no uploads, no downloads... just a seed. Since I don't have any need to rush the game I see no reason not to implement seed-based maps.

As for the map-stuff... Thanks for the links. I have a kind of odd approach that I'm going to try out, but the references will most certainly help.

Also... I'm getting married in 3 days from now, so the updates until that may be a bit sparse :)

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