Relentless (just a prototype)

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Relentless (just a prototype)

Post by Taehl »

Long time, no Love! I miss the Internet!

This is my latest work. It's just started, but I think out has potential. There's a readme in the .love.

PS) The mobile version of this site has no "add topic" button! Is that fix able?
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Re: Relentless (just a prototype)

Post by dreadkillz »

Is this game Smash TV like? Nice gfx by the way.
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Re: Relentless (just a prototype)

Post by Tesselode »

Would you consider having an option to toggle camera rotation? Excessive rotation like that gives me motion sickness.
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Re: Relentless (just a prototype)

Post by Robin »

Looks very nice, especially the breaking stuff part. The rotation makes me dizzy as well.

What kind of game is it gong to be?
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Re: Relentless (just a prototype)

Post by ishkabible »

you need to center the guy, the rotations makes no sense at all.
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