iOS Side scrolling port

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iOS Side scrolling port

Post by MRCoxall »

I am a computer science teacher and I would like to try and make a side-scrolling platformer game with my students using LÖVE.
I used the iOS port and got some example code working.
The problem is that I would like the game to be in landscape, but my window is always portrait.

Is there a way to specify that the game, even during testing, is in landscape even when I am using full screen:

function love.load()
platform.width =
platform.height =

Ideally, in the end, I would like the game to be ported to:
- iOS
- Android
- Windows
- Pi (if all goes well the students will actually be developing the code on Pi 3B+s)
- Mac

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Re: iOS Side scrolling port

Post by Ulydev »

Hello, you need to configure your project in Xcode. Set the orientation to "landscape". ... wift-xcode
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Re: iOS Side scrolling port

Post by bartbes »

As far as I know you can just set your resolution (either in conf.lua or using setMode) to one that is wider than it is high.
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