love-release and love-andriod-sdl2 0.10.0?

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love-release and love-andriod-sdl2 0.10.0?

Post by xmorg » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:06 am

Im trying to build my .love file into an apk, and using love-release to do it
the script does a git clone of love-android-sdl2 and builds it, the script tries to create the package and gets the error

"Love version (0.9.2) differs from love-android-sdl2 version (0.10.0). could not create package."

I tried replacing my .cache/love-android-sdl2 with a fork, and thankfully it was still 0.9.2, it built but the app crashed on 2 different androids. The 0.9.2 apk on martainFelis website in downloads works fine, on these droids

Why would it use an unreleased version of love?
How do i get my package to build?
Is there any way to get love-release to work now that they went to 0.10.0? any way to downgrade the love version? I tried to change the version in the AndroidManifest.xml but it did nothing. (and usually gets overwritten)

How to reproduce: clone love-release, make install, and try to use it on a love project. :emo:
Edit im not an expert on git, but if there is any way to checkout a previous version were love 0.9.2 was still used , i will accept that as a resolution!

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Re: love-release and love-andriod-sdl2 0.10.0?

Post by slime » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:25 am

The love-android-sdl2 repository has a '0.9.2a' tag for the most recent release that was based on 0.9.2.
Something like "git checkout tags/0.9.2a" (untested) should work, after the repository has been cloned.


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