Hello, I'm AuahDark and I'm from Indonesia. Please don't call me "Auah".

I like to do programming stuff and sometimes drawing using traditional way and/or digital way. Been into LÖVE for Android since 11.3.

O.png My LÖVE wiki username is actually Auahdark (with small d), so I set up wiki redirect there.  

LÖVE Projects/Libraries

  • Live Simulator: 2 - Love Live! School Idol Festival Live Show! Simulator. Currently rewriting the whole game.
  • PicPuzzle - Puzzle game, but you supply your own picture to be used as puzzle.
  • Lily - LÖVE Async Loading Library. Similar to love-loader but better, supports more functions, and uses TaskPool loading system (spreading every load to different threads).
  • Live2LOVE - LOVE library to show Live2D Cubism 2 models (Work in Progress).