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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[parent::love]]
* [[parent::love]]
* [[love.joystickpressed]]
* [[love.joystickreleased]]
{{#set:Description=Provides an interface to the user's joystick.}}
{{#set:Description=Provides an interface to the user's joystick.}}

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Provides an interface to the user's joystick.


love.joystick.closeCloses a joystick.
love.joystick.getAxesReturns the position of each axis.
love.joystick.getAxisReturns the direction of the axis.
love.joystick.getBallReturns the change in ball position.
love.joystick.getGamepadMappingStringGets the full gamepad mapping string of the Joysticks which have the given GUID, or nil if the GUID isn't recognized as a gamepad.
love.joystick.getHatReturns the direction of a hat.
love.joystick.getJoystickCountGets the number of connected joysticks.
love.joystick.getJoysticksGets a list of connected Joysticks.
love.joystick.getNameReturns the name of a joystick.
love.joystick.getNumAxesReturns the number of axes on the joystick.
love.joystick.getNumBallsReturns the number of balls on the joystick.
love.joystick.getNumButtonsReturns the number of buttons on the joystick.
love.joystick.getNumHatsReturns the number of hats on the joystick.
love.joystick.getNumJoysticksReturns how many joysticks are available.
love.joystick.isDownChecks if a button on a joystick is pressed.
love.joystick.isOpenChecks if the joystick is open.
love.joystick.loadGamepadMappingsLoads a gamepad mappings string or file created with love.joystick.saveGamepadMappings.
love.joystick.openOpens up a joystick to be used.
love.joystick.saveGamepadMappingsSaves the virtual gamepad mappings of all recently-used Joysticks that are recognized as gamepads.
love.joystick.setGamepadMappingBinds a virtual gamepad input to a button, axis or hat.


GamepadAxisVirtual gamepad axes.
GamepadButtonVirtual gamepad buttons.
JoystickHatJoystick hat positions.
JoystickInputTypeTypes of Joystick inputs.

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