RogueLike Toolkit in Love

Bringing rot.js functionality to Love2D

See this for a quick and dirty run down of all the functionalit provided.

Display - via rlLove, only supports cp437 emulation rather than full font support.

rng - via RandmLua. Multiply With Carry, Linear congruential generator, and Mersenne Twister. Extended with set/getState methods.

String Generator - Direct Port from rot.js

Map - Arena, Divided/Icey/Eller Maze, Digger/Uniform/Rogue* Dungeons. Ported from rot.js.

Noise Generator - Simplex Noise

FOV - Bresenham Line based Ray Casting, Precise Shadow Casting

Color - 147 Predefined colors; generate valid colors from string; add, multiply, or interpolate colors; generate a random color from a reference and set of standard deviations (straight port from rot.js)

Path Finding - Dijkstra and AStar pathfinding ported from rot.js.

Lighting - compute light emission and blending, ported from rot.js.

Source available from GitHub