Available since LÖVE 0.9.1
This enum is not supported in earlier versions.

Types of system-dependent graphics limits checked for using


The maximum size of points.
The maximum width or height of Images and Canvases.
The maximum number of simultaneously active canvases (via
The maximum number of antialiasing samples for a Canvas.


Attempting to create an Image with a width **or** height greater than the maximum supported will create a checkerboard-patterned image instead. Doing the same for a Canvas will result in an error.

It's safe to assume the maximum texture size will never be less than 1024 and will almost always be 2048 or greater.There is an online database which has collected info about the max texture size for various systems.

The value for"multicanvas") will be at least 4, as long as multi-canvas rendering is supported.

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