Effect Constants Name Candidates

Effects and Filters are coming in version 0.11 but their names are not finalized and are subject to discussion, since many of them are picked poorly.

Effects and Filters are passed in as a table with named parameters, e.g.:

{ type = "lowpass", volume = 1, lowgain = 0.3 }

Alternative suggested names go underneath basic name.


Filters are basic low-pass, high-pass and "combo"-pass (band-pass) frequency filters. They can be applied to each sound Source individually, but only one Filter per Source at a time.


Apply Filter to Source:

  • Source:setFilter
    • Source:applyFilter

Get current Source filter:

  • Source:getFilter


Filter types:

  • lowpass -removes upper part of the spectrum, making the sound muffled as if it passed through a thick barrier
  • highpass -removes upper part of the spectrum, eliminating the bass
  • bandpass -removes both upper and lower part of the spectrum


  • type
  • volume
  • lowgain -lower part of the spectrum multiplier
  • highgain -upper part of the spectrum multiplier


Effects are advanced audio filters that can be used to recreate realistic acoustic properties of the level as well as creating cool effects. Sound system is built on top of OpenAL, so it's only possible to set 4 Effects at a time. Each Source can feed its output to any of these 4 Effects, and it can also feed to multiple Effects simultaneously. Each feed line can have a Filter attached to it, it will filter the sound on the path between Source and Effect. Effects work continuously, even when no sound is fed, e.g. reverberation Effect can still output decaying reverb long after all input is cut.


Apply Effect to scene:

  • love.audio.setSceneEffect
    • love.audio.applySceneEffect

Get current scene Effect:

  • love.audio.getSceneEffect

Use scene Effect with Source:

  • Source:setSceneEffect
    • Source:useSceneEffect

Get Source's currently used scene Effect:

  • Source:getSceneEffect


Effect types:

  • reverb -adds decaying continuous sound repetition
  • chorus -lays sound over itself with pitch and delay variation
  • distortion -produces artificial sound clipping
  • echo
  • flanger -lays sound over itself with phase shift
  • ringmodulator -rapidly increases and decreases volume cyclically
    • modulator
  • compressor -increases loudness in entire frequency range to the maximum
  • equalizer

Effect waveforms:

  • sine
  • triangle
  • sawtooth
  • square

Effect parameters:

  • type
  • volume


  • gain
    • reverbgain
  • hfgain
  • density
  • diffusion
  • decay
  • hfdecay
  • earlygain
  • lategain
  • earlydelay
  • latedelay
  • rolloff
    • roomrolloff
  • airhfgain
    • airabsorptionhfgain
  • hflimiter


  • waveform
  • phase
  • rate
  • depth
  • delay
  • feedback


  • gain
  • edge -effect strength
  • lowcut
  • eqcenter
  • eqbandwidth


  • delay -delay between input and first main echo
  • lrdelay -delay between first main echo and second trailing echo
  • damping
  • spread -stereo separation between first and second echo
  • feedback


  • waveform
  • phase
  • rate
  • depth
  • delay
  • feedback

Ring modulator:

  • waveform
  • frequency
  • highcut


  • lowgain
  • lowcut
  • mid1gain
  • mid1frequency
  • mid1bandwidth
  • mid2gain
  • mid2frequency
  • mid2bandwidth
  • highgain
  • highcut


Following effects and their constants are not supported in current version of AL-soft but as they get support in the future they may get enabled in LÖVE.

Effect types:

  • frequencyshifter
    • freqshifter
  • vocalmorpher
    • morpher
  • pitchshifter
  • autowah

Frequency shifter-specific:

  • frequency
  • leftdirection
  • rightdirection

Frequency shifting directions:

  • up
  • down
  • none

Vocal morpher:

  • waveform
  • rate
  • phonemea
  • phonemeb
  • tunea
  • tuneb

Vocal morpher includes a substantial range of effect-specific phoneme constants, but they are no subject for debate, the only variable is letter casing: capital or lowercase, current being latter.

Pitch-shifter specific:

  • pitch


  • attack
  • release
  • resonance
  • peakgain