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== All Libraries ==
== All Libraries ==
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All Libraries

NameDescriptionLOVE Version
30log A small and effective object-orientation framework in 30 linesAny
AstrayAstray is a lua based maze, room and dungeon generation library for dungeon crawlers and rougelike video games.Any
BlobA serialization and parser library for binary file formatsAny
Cupid A debugging shim providing a console, crash logging, and project reloading.Any
DonutSimplified debug message control systemAny
DoxA Lua Documentation Generator ScriptAny
ELSchedulerPure Lua library to manage timersAny
Fizz XPlatformer(AABB) physics libraryAny
FluxFast, lightweight tweening libraryAny
GraphoonA force directed graph algorithm written in Lua.Any
GreaseThe one and (no longer) only networking libraryAny
HCA collision detection systemAny
HUMPGamedev-Powertools: Gamestates, timed function calls, tweening, vectors, object orientation, cameras and signalsAny
HooECSIt's a full-featured Entity-Component-System framework for making games with LuaAny
Jumper Fast pathfinding library for 2D grid-based mapsAny
KueyKuey is a library that encode/decode strings and files with a key.Any
LibCompressPure Lua Compression libraryAny
LovebirdA browser-based debug console for LÖVEAny
Lovetoys It's a full-featured Entity-Component-System framework for making games with LUA. The original and only.Any
Lua FOV Field of View (FOV) algorithms implemented in LuaAny
LuaNameGen Lua Name Generator for characters, objects, places, etc.Any
LuaTableA library that converts tables to Lua code that can be saved.Any
LuaoopOOP (Object Oriented Programming) class-based libraryAny
LumeUtility functions geared towards game developmentAny
MGLMathematics for Graphics in pure LuaAny
MiddleClassObject-orientation for LuaAny
Moses A utility-belt library for fun and functional programming with LuaAny
NoobhubMultiplayer and network messagingAny
PopoCharacter based programmable text libraryAny
RL-DiceA dice module aimed for roguelikes.Any
RandomLua Random numbers generator for all platformsAny
SICKEasy high-score keeping.Any
SQLite3A simple, hassle-free, SQLite3 database solution for Lua.Any
SerA fast, robust, richly-featured table serialisation libraryAny
SerialA serialization library optimized for very large tables.Any
Simple Educative Class LibraryA class implementationAny
StateswitcherA state switcher library based on files (one file=one state).Any
Transform (Library)A library designed to ease the handling of coordinate/angle transformations in worldAny
TserialConverts tables into strings and back. Good for saving games, multiplayer, etc.Any
YonderA ridiculously easy to use game state manager.Any
beholder.luaEvent observation for Lua.Any
binserCustomizable Lua Serializer - Great for Saving GamesAny
bitserSerializes and deserializes Lua values with LuaJITAny
bump.luaMinimal collision detection lib.Any
claspTiny Lua class libraryAny
cronA set of functions for executing actions at a certain time interval.Any
cron.luaTime-based functions for Lua.Any
gameraCamera library for LÖVE.Any
hxdxPhysics library (easier box2d)Any
inspect.luaPretty-print for Lua.Any
libSaveTableToFileLoad and save tables as text files.Any
libxmlLua XML LibraryAny
lol.luaObject prototyping library for Lua.Any
love-loaderLoad images and sounds in a separate thread.Any
love.bundle Data saving lib for Love.Any
love.screenManage easily your screen resolution, caption, ...Any
luaFortuneLibraries for procedural generation in lua.Any
luasortArray sorting algorithmsAny
lureHTML DOM Parser/Renderer.Any
memoize.luaGeneric memoization for Lua.Any
profileA real-time profiler for finding bottlenecks in your gameAny
stateful.luaStateful Object Orientation for middleclass.Any
strongA library that provides many enhancements to strings.Any
tile-collider Module for resolving tile collisions (+slopes)Any
tiny-ecsEntity Component System for lua.Any
tweenSmall sets of functions for performing tweening in LuaAny
tween.luaSimple tweening lib for Lua.Any
windfieldA wrapper of LÖVE's physics API so that using box2d becomes as simple as possibleAny
TÖVEAnimated vector graphics and SVG rendering11.2
breezefieldminimal love.physics wrapper11.2
ComponentImplementation of a component-based architecture11.1
NoHighDPIDisable High DPI scaling on Android devices. (useless since LÖVE 11.3)11.1
Live2LOVELÖVE library to show Live2D Cubism 2 models11.0
ShädowsA dynamic shadows & lights library for löve11.0
lovesizeLibrary that makes it possible to work with a fixed game resolution, while scaling the screen and clipping objects outside of it, making a letterbox effect.11.0
FPSGraphA simple lightweight graphing utility for LOVE0.9.x
ThranduilUI module for LÖVE sources, website : 4040.9.x
ZoetropeA starter kit for LÖVE, including sprites, collisions, maps, and debugging.0.9.x
anim8Animation Library for LÖVE.0.9.x
boipushyInput library0.9.x
sfxr.luaGenerate your sounds dynamically, at runtime0.9.x
utf8Provides basic support for manipulating UTF-8 strings.0.9.2
CameraMgrA highly dynamic and robust camera library in around 200 lines of code.0.9.1+
StackingSceneMgrA simple scene manager, scenes are lua files.0.9.1+
TransitionMgrA simple transition manager, transitions are just lua files.0.9.1+
LuaPillLuaPill (short for "Practical Isometric Layering Library for Lua") is an engine for generating isometric maps for Löve2D and Lua.0.9.1
Löve BoneA robust object-oriented 2D Skeletal Animation framework for LÖVE.0.9.1
Monocle Debugging & Expression watching for Love2D0.9.1
lua-enetMultiplayer networking module for games.0.9.0
QuickieSimple(r), but powerful GUI. (renamed to SUIT)0.8.x
Substitute541/Love3DThis allows you to simulate real 3D in a 2D engine. No Raycasting!0.8.x
fakecanvas[WIP] Convenient canvas emulation for unsupported hardware0.8.x
Lope2DA wrap over Love2D physics engine API. It makes dealing with the physics API easier and faster. It also has water pools simulation.0.8.0+
newtonExport and load Box2D bodies made in PhysicsEditor0.8.0+
Common Organization of Controls KitComprehensive input handling library0.8.0
JupiterTable serialisation and file I/O.0.8.0
Lovely TilesSuite of tools for loading/rendering tilemaps0.8.0
LövelyMoonEasily handle gamestates with this library!0.8.0
text.luaPretty print texts0.8.0
babelA simple library for internationalisation.0.8
GooGUI library for Love0.7.x
LoveUI GUI library for Love0.7.x
32 lines of goodness32 lines of goodness is a small OO library that uses a domain specific language to make a neat syntax so OO is easy.0.7.2
LoveAStarA* search, written in Lua, for use in LOVE.0.7.2
TLpathAdd A* pathfinding to games0.7.1
SLAMA friendly sound manager.0.7.0+
Message in a BottleA message library for LOVE.0.7.0
TEsoundA sound manager that makes it easy to use sound and music0.7.0
TLbindA simple system for creating professional control schemes0.7.0
PölygamyGame State, Keyboard and Timer helpers0.6.x
SwingersA gesture library for LÖVE0.6.x
RotLoveThe Roguelike Toolkit for Love2D. Based on rot.js and libtcod.0.6.2+
Adult LibRun LÖVE 0.5.0 code with LÖVE 0.6.x.0.6.2
socketModule for HTTP, TCP, and UDP networking.0.5.0
socket (Русский)Модуль для создания HTTP/TCP/UDP соединений.0.5.0
GspötGUI library for Love0.11.x
LUIGILovely User Interfaces for Game Inventors0.11.x
Löve FramesAn advanced GUI library for LÖVE0.11.x
Talkies.luaA messagebox system with multiple-choices, typing effect + sounds and more.0.11.x
WasxA very versatile input manager for LÖVE0.11.x
love-nuklearLightweight immediate mode GUI for LÖVE games0.11.2
Easy GUI SystemEGS is a simple GUI system with events and multiple controls, without over-complicating things.0.10.x
LoverNetModule designed to make networking easier0.10.x
Möan.luaA messagebox system with multiple-choices and more (renamed to Talkies)0.10.x
SUITSimple User Interface Toolkit0.10.x
TactileA flexible and nice input library.0.10.x
fLUIdslove-imgui API wrap for simplicity0.10.x
love-imguiIMGUI module for LOVE0.10.x
svgloverLoad and display simple SVGs.0.10.x
ListBoxA dynamic ListBox for LÖVE 2D. Supports touches, mouses and keyboards0.10.2
LoveFS LÖVE FileSystem Access0.10.2
LÖVE PhysicsEditor LoaderPhysicsEditor Objects Models Loader0.10.2
ONETA Object Oriented Networking Library0.10.2
Pseudo3DPseudo 3D figures for the löve framework0.10.2
TLfresLets games run at any resolution, easily and without stretching0.10.2
ziplibA zipping library for löve0.10.2
LynputLynput is a library that makes input handling very easy and intuitive0.10.0+
vuduExtensive in-engine debug interface with a console, variable browser, and more0.10.0+
CTRLGeneral Input Library0.10.0
LilyLÖVE Async Loading Library0.10.0
yaouiUI Kit for LÖVE (no longer maintained)0.10.0
MiniFSMinimal but powerful filesystem module.0.10

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