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The codename for LÖVE 0.9.2 is Baby Inspector. It is currently not released.

Changes from 0.9.1




  • Fixed shader:getWarnings returning unnecessary information.
  • Fixed love.filesystem.setIdentity breaking in some situations when called multiple times.
  • Fixed a potential crash when Shader objects are garbage collected.
  • Fixed love.graphics.newMesh(vertexcount, ...) causing the Mesh to do instanced rendering.
  • Fixed Mesh:getVertexMap.
  • Fixed File:refresh generating mipmaps multiple times if mipmap filtering is enabled.
  • Fixed Mesh:setDrawRange when the Mesh has a vertex map set.
  • Fixed internal detection of the 'position' and 'effect' shader functions.
  • Fixed Texture memory leak when Meshes are garbage collected.
  • Fixed the default line join mode to be 'miter' instead of an undefined value.
  • Fixed the default error handler screen's text size when highdpi mode is enabled on a Retina monitor in OS X.

Renamed APIs

  • Renamed all cases of FSAA to MSAA. The FSAA names still exist for backward-compatibility.

Other Changes

no-game screen