The codename for LÖVE 0.8.1 is Rubber Piggy. It is not yet released.

Changes from 0.8.0



  • Fixed crashes with font drawing on some ATI cards.
  • Fixed scaling in several love.physics functions.
  • Fixed artifacts when drawing lines at huge scale.
  • Fixed ImageFonts ignoring default image filter.
  • Fixed getMode and friends returning wrong values when using desktop size.
  • Fixed memory leak in the mp3 decoder.
  • Fixed sound issues with some versions of OpenAL soft, by enabling direct channels.
  • Fixed 'random' hangs in audio.

Other Changes

  • Renamed love's boot script to 'love.boot', which can be required.
  • Removed love.joystick.open, close and isOpen.
  • Updated allocation for SoundData, it's more efficient and less wasteful.
  • Updated Source:setDirection/Position/Velocity functions to default z to 0.
  • Updated the windows console, it now tries to re-use an active one first.
  • Updated love.image memory handling, improves errors and thread-safety.