Clove: Load huge amount of assets+libraries in no time

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Clove: Load huge amount of assets+libraries in no time

Post by YoungNeer » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:29 am

Quick Walkthrough:

Let's say you all these libraries in the lib folder:-
lib.png (13.45 KiB) Viewed 2797 times

Now what if I tell you to load all of these libraries?

Before you move on let me tell you that animX is a package and itable is a non-returning library!

So you'd do something like this

Code: Select all

require 'lib.itable'
animx=require 'lib.animx'
flux=require 'lib.flux'
And boy that's very uninteresting! With clove however the process is simple:-

Code: Select all

clove=require 'lib.clove'
And that's it

For more information ofcourse you could head up to the documentation and look at the recent game that used clove!
Here's the asset-loading file for Leaps and Flips

If anyone is interested then he can help me make a shader loading extension for clove! It's not complicated but I'm busy with other libraries recently
My Github- your contribution is highly appreciated

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