Shaderview - A tool for writing GLSL shaders

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Shaderview - A tool for writing GLSL shaders

Post by Ikroth » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:09 pm

GitHub | Issue Tracker | Changelog

Shaderview is a desktop application for developing GLSL shaders using Lua, LÖVE2D, and GLSL. It features integrated debug tools, hot reloading, and compilation error handling.

Shaderview is under active development and I am looking for feedback, advice, and bug reports.
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  • Automatic file reloading - Application code, shaders, and textures will automatically reload whenever changes are detected.
  • Robust error handling - Shaderview catches application errors and shader compilation errors. When the errors are fixed, it will gracefully recover back to a working state.
  • Debug tools - View project info, performance data, and textures all inside the integrated debug GUI.
  • Multiple projects - Create and work on many different projects within Shaderview


(6.22 MiB) Downloaded 282 times
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Re: Shaderview - A tool for writing GLSL shaders

Post by Nuthen224 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:29 am

I've used shaderview extensively before, and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to test out shaders, play with existing ones, or create new ones.
I like to use it if I want to create a new shader to add to a game I'm working on before adding it to the project. The auto reloading and error catching makes it a lot more fun to work on shaders, without having to worry about getting the shader to work right while it's tangled up in a large project.

The app code is structured so that you can develop like you normally would, so what you make in shaderview can be transfered to a larger project with minimum friction.

Aside from that, it's a great environment for small visual projects, even if shaders aren't the focus.

Here is something I made in shaderview:

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